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Where Relationships Matter

194 West Main Street

Cortland, Ohio 44410

Phone 330.984.0390

Our Mission

At Cortland Private Wealth Management, our mission is comprised of three main commitments:


  • Our vision is to bring world-class advice to current and future relationships of Cortland Private Wealth Management and Cortland Banks. We aim to build multi-generational relationships because, as a firm, we are here to stay.


  • We work relentlessly to train and educate ourselves consistently in order to offer our clients a chance to grow and protect their wealth. We strive to keep ahead of the quickly changing financial and planning environment that our clients live in.  


  • We seek to offer our clients the very best service, value and advice every day. As independent advisors, we are an open architecture group, meaning we find the most appropriate investment vehicles that fit your specific needs. We are not tied to proprietary products nor do we have quotas to meet.