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Insurance Audits

How is your insurance performing—and when is the last time you took a good, hard look at your portfolio and considered whether it’s truly working for you? With Cortland Private Wealth Management, you can rest assured that your plans are relevant, cost-effective and providing appropriate coverage as your business evolves. We’re constantly evaluating your insurance through regular audits. We make recommendations when necessary to minimize your risk, improve your bottom line and keep you competitive in the marketplace.

Insurance summaries. Periodic reviews of your insurance portfolio are compiled into easy-to-understand one-page summaries that include insurance specifications, along with current values. These documents are valuable for recording your business insurance history and serve as an important planning tool.

A consultative approach. Because we understand your business and culture, we not only provide up-to-date insurance audits and performance summaries, we also guide you toward insurance solutions that align with your strategic goals.