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Whether it is to ensure that your family is taken care of, a business is better protected, or long-term care costs are covered, establishing proper insurance coverage is critical for creating a well considered financial strategy. A strong comprehensive protection program is critical to help ensure your financial plans are not sidetracked if the unexpected happen. Through our strategic partnerships we are able to offer our clients high-quality insurance options.

Life Insurance

Cortland Private Wealth Management provides a range of life insurance solutions that accommodate your needs—and we know those may change over time, which is why our experienced advisors dig deep to get to know you, your business and employees. We provide access to institutionally priced insurance and retirement products, giving you cost-competitive options and plans that meet your goals.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Deliver value to key employees and executives by offering long-term care and long-term disability programs that prepare them for the uncertain future. Our experienced advisors can personalize a program based on existing benefits offerings. We also provide complete benefits analysis to appropriately tailor a program that meets your needs.

Critical Care Insurance

When major illness strikes, it's often both a health and financial burden. Many people lack the health insurance coverage they need when major issues like cancer, heart attack, and stroke occur. Critical care insurance can help you cover costs related to recovery from major illnesses that may not be covered with other health insurance plans.

Property and Casualty Insurance

Property and casualty insurance protects businesses or individuals against property losses to their business, home or car and it protects against legal liability that may result from injury or damage to the property of others. We offer property and casualty insurance to our clients because we believe in helping them cover all of their bases.